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We have a very simple solution for anyone who wants to answer their business telephone lines while working from home.

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A simple divert of your current telephone number to a virtual telephone number on the Lantec LCM Cloud telephone system will then allow you to answer calls coming in to your business while working from home; and allow multiple lines to be answered by multiple phones.

The Lantec LCM Cloud telephone system is a Hosted telephone system solution for businesses. We created this system to encompass the changes being made by Openreach to the current ISDN and analogue trunk lines. These types of lines will be completely discontinued on the 31 December 2025 and will be replaced by SIP (Cloud) telephone lines.

So we have a tried, tested and working solution that we are already offering to new and existing customers who are looking for their next telephone system solution……….BUT this Cloud telephone system is proving to be an ideal solution for businesses who are making the difficult decision to close their offices and work from home during these very uncertain and difficult times.

We can offer you a way to divert your calls in to our Cloud telephone system on a virtual telephone number that is unique to your company and with IP telephone extension handsets supplied and set up by us you can simply plug in to your router at home and have an extension telephone that allows you to answer calls coming in to your business, transfer calls to other home workers and carry on your business as if you were at the office.

We will offer this solution on a short term contract of 3 months with monthly rolling until you cancel in writing.

  • One off set up charge of £150.00 per account with single virtual telephone number.
  • Rental of £8.00 per Hosted user per month.
  • IP desk phones are from £65.00.
  • IP DECT Cordless phones are the preferred home solution as the handset does not have to be in the same room as the router and your router may not be in your home office.
  • IP DECT Cordless phones are from £99.00 .
  • A Softphone on a mobile phone is also a simple and effective solution. If you have 5G, 4G or 3G coverage or a suitable wireless connection you can use your Smart phone as the extension on the Lantec LCM Hosted solution. Just download the app, set up the account and you can answer calls, ring other Hosted extension users and transfer calls just like you can on the IP desk phones and the IP Cordless phones.
  • Call charges are £0.0075 per minute for UK local and national calls and £0.05 for standard UK mobile calls.
    All prices exclude VAT.

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